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(Used) Operation Warcade - PlayStation 4

(Used) Operation Warcade - PlayStation 4

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Operation arcade is a shooter specifically Designed for virtual reality, inspired by the late '80s classic war arcade game operation Wolf. Taito's operation Wolf is One of the most popular coin op games of all time, winning several awards 1998 game of the year and is the 4th BEST coin op game ever, according to coin slot. Your objective is simply to clear as many levels as possible without dying. As the environment pans by, containing hundreds of enemies who mindlessly run into your line of Fire, you're given an Uzi in One hand and grenades in the other. There are several other weapons and Grenade types, which can be temporarily equipped after shooting specific targets, bows, a gravity gun, bullet time, and much more. You can even upgrade your weapons by collecting stars at the end of each level.

  • Thanks to virtual reality and the innovative immersion system you actually move inside the video game
  • Every "map" in the game has a number of different immersion points
  • Shooting these immersion points cause you to Warp through the game's matrix, playing as if you were physically within the environment
  • These moments are exciting, varied, and well-execute
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