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LEGO Houses of The World 3 (278 Pieces, 40594)

LEGO Houses of The World 3 (278 Pieces, 40594)

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Recreate the distinctive architecture of Switzerland as you build the third in a collection of LEGO Houses of the World. This set (40594) is inspired by the traditional buildings of Switzerland and combines a variety of color schemes with distinctive architectural design. The theme continues with Swiss interior decor. The modular design means this house can be combined with others from the collection (40583, 40590 and 40599) – each sold separately.

  • VIVID COLOR PALETTES: Capturing the Traditional Swiss Building Aesthetics, Showcasing Architectural Diversity.
  • CULTURAL FUSION INSIDE AND OUT: Experience Swiss Interior Decor, Blending Heritage and Modernity to Perfection.
  • MODULAR MAGIC: Seamlessly Combine with Other Sets (40583, 40590, 40599) for Evolving Urban Landscapes.
  • GLOBAL ARCHITECTURAL ADVENTURE: Perfect Gift for Wanderlust and Architecture Enthusiasts, Cherishing Switzerland's Allure.
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